209cc 240km/h Walk-Behind Lawn Blower

SKU: BM11127

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This 209cc 240km/h walk-behind Blower is perfect for the lawn cleaning work and can handle the job very easily, especially good for professional gardener and farm. It is equipped with a powerful 209cc petrol engine that generates a high max. air volume at 2040m^3/h and 240km/h max. air speed. The 200mm swivel front wheel and 300mm rear wheel makes the unit easy to manoeuvre around.

209CC Walk Behind Blower Features:

  • 209cc powerful engine;

  • High Max. air volume at 2040m^3/h and 240km/h Max. air speed ;

  • Decent sized 330mm dia Impeller;

  • Big wheels for good manoeuvrability



    Walk Behind Blower BM11127

    Engine Displacement
    Max. Air Volume 2040m^3/h
    Max. Air Speed 240km/h
    Impeller Diameter 330mm
    Front Swivel Wheel 200mm
    Rear Wheel 300mm
    Packing Size 600x575x500mm
    Weight 37/42 kg

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