Log Stand Chainsaw Stand B

SKU: BM11536B

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This BM11536B Log Stand, is perfect to use in combination with Chainsaw. The top jaw is adjustable and can be locked down to hold the logs and provide a solid support for cutting with chainsaw. Using this log stand will make log cutting much more efficient, and avoid blunting the blade on the ground.


  • Heavy duty firewood/log stand built with solid steel

  • Easy to disassemble for transportation and storage

  • Holds firewood/logs with any reasonable length

  • Fantastic work with chain saw

  • Latest design of the frame ensure more steady and solid performance. Can be customised with certain MOQ.

  • Goods Examination /Inspection video & photo approved.


Model BM11536B
G.W 10.9KG
Packing Size 740x400x120MM

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