Firewood Picker Log Tongs

SKU: BM11121

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This BM11121 Log Tongs can open up to 600mm wide, it provides a easier way to pick up logs without having to bend you back. This log handling tool can save your back and making hard work like play.

Using tips:

Hold the top handle and swing one arm of the tool upward and then spike the sharp end into one side of the log, then hold handle firm and spike the other end into opposite side of log and lift it up. For releasing, either use the second handle or swing the tool forward to set the log free.


  • This firewood picker is used as a log lifting tool.
  • Easy to use with rubber handles.
  • Solid Steel frame that can open up to 600mm in log length


Model BM11121
Max. Log length 600 mm
Packing Size 650x250x80mm
N.W./G.W. 3/4kg

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