175cc 22" Walk-Behind String Trimmer Mower BM11112

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The BM11112 Walk-Behind String Trimmer Mower combines the advantage of a string trimmer and a lawn mower. Its a beast!! compared to your standard string trimmer, and a lot easier to use with the walk behind feature. And you have more control over it than a normal lawn mower, it can trim right up against foundations, fence lines and other obstacles.

This model is only 31kg, super-easy to maneuver. And powered by 175cc engine, it doesn't lack for muscle, and is guaranteed to dramatically outperform any handheld trimmer you can find, very effective in stony and uneven areas where it is very hard for a normal lawn mower.

Use 155 mil cord, this machine can cut 1.5" to 3" high, and the up to 22" cutting width. Recommend for larger areas of long grass or light scrub particularly on uneven ground. 

22" String Trimmer Lawn Mower Features:

  • Powerful and durable 4 stroke 175cc petrol engine

  • Easy to use and control with only 31kg in weight

  • Large 14" wheels for all territory operations

  • 38mm to 90mm Cutting height, and 22" cutting width



175cc 22" String Trimmer Lawn Mower BM11112

Engine: 175cc Petrol
Engine type: 4 stroke
Cutting width: 560mm/22"
Cutting height: 38-90mm
Handle: Adjustable
Wheels 2*14"
NW/GW: 31/32kg
Packing size: 850*570*570mm

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