34ton Kinetic Log Splitter 6.5hp Petrol Log Splitter BM11038

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This 34ton log splitter, Kinetic Firewood Splitter, can generate up to 34ton splitting force with a 6.5Hp petrol engine. We have tested jarrah, gum, and salmon gum on this machine, it can split these firewood easily. The average cycle time is 2s to 3s, that's why it is also called Fast Log Splitter. Equipped with 16 inch large wheels and towing attachments make it easy to transport. It can towed with a car to where it is needed around the property.

It can cut firewood up to 710mm long and 600mm in diameter, makes it easy to split all types of firewood to burn in the fireplace. Perfectly designed for domestic use.

Note: Please wear necessary safety gears(gloves, goggles, safety boots, etc.) during operation.

34ton Kinetic Log Splitter Features:

  • This log splitter, also named kinetic log splitter is powerful and efficient, suitable for all timber;

  • This petrol log splitter can generate up to 34 tons of splitting force powered by a 6.5 HP engine;

  • This kinetic log splitter can split log up to 710mm long and 600mm in diameter;

  • The ram on this log splitter will return automatically, ready for the next splitting action.

  • This log splitter comes with two big wheels, easy to move around;

  • Towing attachment to vehicles for easy transport

  • Can be customised with certain MOQ. EPA certified.

  • Goods Examination /Inspection video & photo approved.



34ton log splitter kinetic log splitter

Workforce 34 Ton
Max. Log length 710 mm
Max. Log diameter 600mm
Average cycle time 3 seconds
Engine 6.5HP
Tractor requirements N/A
Weight 239/259 KG
Dimensions 1940*440*820MM
Bed height 635mm
Wedge height 6.25"
Wedge width 7/8 in. (22mm)
Flywheel weight 25kg
Flywheel diameter 18.25" (463.55mm)
Flywheel Max. RPM 400 RPM
Tires 16 in.

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