120mm Wood Chipper 15hp with E-Start BM11073E

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The 120mm Petrol Wood Chipper features a powerful 15hp petrol engine with E-Start. The max chipping capacity goes up to 120mm. It is equipped with twin reversible blades. It comes with a two pneumatic wheels and coupler hitch, makes it easy to transport.

120mm Petrol Wood Chipper Mulcher Features:

  • Powerful 15hp petrol engine with E-start;

  • Chipping capacity 120mm ;

  • Two reversible blades; 

  • Easy to maneuver and service.



     120mm Wood Chipper 15hp E-start BM11073E

    Engine Capacity
     420cc/15hp with E-start
    Chipping Capacity  Up to 120mm
    Drum Type  230mm twin blade drum system
     16*8.0-7 ATV Pneumatic Wheel
    Cutting Blade  Dual reversible double edge blades
    Blade Size  300*55*5mm
    Expulsion Chute  Adjustable 360 degrees & up/down
    Overall Size  2650*800*1520mm
    Packing Size  895x765x1210mm
    Weight  205/215 kg

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