BM10930 Premium Cryogenic M2 HSS 6 Pcs Tools Set

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These premium turning tools are made from M2 high-speed steel which has been cryogenically hardened, to ensure extremely long service life. Cryogenic hardening is a technical process, where the steel is cooled down to -185°C after hardening, resulting in an edge that will last up to 5 times longer than conventionally hardened high-speed steel. This process makes the tools ideal for turning oily abrasive woods, exotic woods, green and hard woods, allowing the turner to turn wood rather than spend time re-sharpening the blade. 


  • Set of Six Full-Size M2 HSS Turning Tools
    Professionally turn both bowl and spindle projects including candlesticks, goblets, standard lamps, pepper pots, bowls, platters and pens
  • For Woodturners Who Prefer to Turn Wood Rather than Grind
    Superior edge holding ability in oily abrasive woods, exotic woods and hardwoods
  • Cryogenically Heat Treated M2 HSS Blades
    Results in an exceptionally long service life, up to 5 times longer than conventionally hardened HSS 4341 material
  • Super-Fine Cutting Edge with Reduced Burr Formation
    Ensures a clean, smooth finish and a superior feel in use
  • Remarkably Fast and Easy to Sharpen
    Allows you to remove less material than before to produce a perfect razor sharp edge
  • Ready to Use
    Edges are bevelled, sharpened and honed ready to turn wood
  • Beautiful Full-Size Beech Handles with a Stainless Steel Ferrule
    Hand selected straight-grain beech to ensure incredible strength
  • Perfect Hold
    Large, ergonomic handles ensure optimum tool control and a perfect balance


  • Overall Length: 19 1/4" - 21 1/4", 490mm - 540mm
  • Handle Length: 12 5/8", 320mm
  • Blade Width (Roughing Gouge): 3/4", 20mm
  • Blade Width (Spindle Gouge): 3/8", 10mm
  • Blade Width (Bowl Gouge): 3/8", 10mm
  • Blade Width (Skew Chisel): 3/4", 19mm
  • Blade Width (Parting Tool): 1/2", 12mm
  • Blade Width (Round Nose Scraper): 1/2", 13mm
  • Packing Size/ Weight: 23"x15"x2"/ 7.7 lbs

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