BM10718 10" 0.5HP 2-Speed Wood Bandsaw

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This entry-level 10" bandsaw offers prize-fighting power in a pint-sized machine. It offers 0.5HP(375w) power, meaning it packs plenty of punch for its size, while a 4-pole motor ensures excellent efficiency and sustained power delivery.  It's fantastic for passion projects, with an endless range of intricate designs, boxes, toys, wood coverings, benches, and doors at your fingertips. 

Best of all, it offers a genuine alternative to larger, more expensive bandsaws while vastly reducing the workshop footprint. It’s the perfect option for hobbyists and DIYers without a warehouse sized workshop, while a sturdy open-stand means it doesn’t take up your bench space. 


  • Aluminium-finned 4 pole motor provides excellent efficiency.
  • Optional Circle-guide attachment for cutting circles.
  • Cast-alloy wheels.
  • Multiple in-built measuring devices.
  • Two bearing adjustments for added stability.
  • Open stand.
  • Multiple-optioned dust port for greater flexibility.
  • Easily wound height adjustment.
  • Small workshop footprint.
  • Can be customised with certain MOQ. CE certified.

  • Goods Examination /Inspection video & photo approved.


Model  BM10718
Motor  0.5HP 375W, 110V/220V
Throat 9-5/8"   245mm
Cutting Depth 6"     152mm
Speed Change 2
Speed 50Hz/60Hz 400-800 / 460-800 m/ Min.
Table Angle 0° - 45°
Table Size 14-1/8" - 12-5/8"   360x320mm
Blade Size 72" L, 3/8" W, 6 TPI; 1/8" -1/2" range in width    1826 x 3-12.5mm
Net Weight/ Gross Weight 73 lbs/ 79 lbs       33/36kg
Assembled Size 28" x 23" x 56"
Packing Size 38" x 18" x 15"     955x460x390mm
Warranty 3 Years

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