BM10108 2HP 1790CFM Dust Collector

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A great value-for-money extractor for home workshop use. It has a 2HP motor that is rated to flow up to 1,790CFM. The larger motor and 12" impeller create extra capacity making it generally suitable for extraction of a single large dust-volume generating machine at any one time like planning or heavy-duty routing where one of the inlets can be blocked off for maximum suction through one path.


  • Two-bag vertical dust collector.
  • Powerful 2 HP, 120V heavy-duty TEFC motor and solid construction to effectively handle the collection of wood chips and sawdust.
  • 1,790 CFM air suction capacity.
  • The nylon filter and collection bags which can filter down to 15 microns.
  • Single 5in dust outlet with a twin 4in Y-piece supplied to extract dust simultaneously from two machines.


Model    BM10108
Motor  2HP, 110V, 13.6Amps, TEFC
Air Flow  1,790CFM
Static Pressure (Inch of Water) 8"
Fan Diameter 12"
Inlet Diameter 1 x 5" with 2 x 4" Y-piece
Bag Diameter  19-3/4"
Bag Height 33-1/2"
Bag Capacity  153L (5.4CF/ 40.4Gal)
Net Weight/ Gross Weight  104 lbs/ 112 lbs
Assembled Size 35' x 21" x 71"
Packing Size 36" x 23" x 23"
Warranty 1 Year

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