100mm Wood Chipper 250CC Garden Chipper BM11072

SKU: BM11072

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The 250cc Petrol Wood Chipper features a powerful 250cc Briggs&Stratton OHV engine. The max chipping capacity goes up to 100mm. It is equipped with large blades sized 155x55mm, and rotor size at 240mm. This chipper also features a decent infeed throat opening  150x130mm and 380x440 feed hopper opening.

100mm Petrol Wood Chipper Features:

  • Powerful 250cc Briggs&Stratton engine;

  • Chipping capacity 100mm, ideal for thick branches;

  • Blade size 155x55mm;

  • In feed throat opening 150x130mm;

  • Feed hopper opening 380x440mm;

  • Easy to maneuver and service.



    250cc Wood Chipper BM11072

    250cc B&S XR1150 engine
    Chipping Capacity 100mm
    Disc/Rotor Size 240mm
    Blade Size 155x55mm
    Infeed Throat Opening 150x130mm
    Feed Hopper Opening 380x440mm
    Belt No. AV13X889Li
    Packing Size 760x570x870mm
    Weight 102/119 kg

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